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Brian Berman

President & Senior Loan Specialist

Where It All Began...

Believe it or not, but it all began with the word “NO!” Having served as a mortgage loan specialist for a large regional home loan provider, “no” was a word that I had to tell prospective clients all too often. Turning people away went against everything for which I stand for. So, I began to envision a place where “yes” was the common call as I helped people achieve their dreams of home ownership on a daily basis. Armed with a degree in Economics and Finance – with a minor in Law – from Bentley University, several years of mortgage loan experience and a vision, I struck out on his own in 2009 to launch Mortgage Atlanta, LLC. In the years since, I have surrounded myself with a team who shares my passion for helping others and together they have steadily grown a client list that spans the gap from first-time homebuyers to empty nesters seeking their forever home. Committed to never becoming like the “other guys” – merely passing clients through a confusing and convoluted series of loan processors, coordinators and closers, we or I endeavor to build authentic, personal relationships with the people I am or we serving, guiding them every step of the way throughout the loan process – from application to closing. I strive to stay ahead in my industry and I am a big believer in continuing education for the benefit of you, the client. A true master of my craft, Brian regularly employs innovation and explores every available avenue to customize loan options that will transform a client’s dream to a beautiful, life-changing reality.

Mortgages for you, with you.

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