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TruQual: Simplifying and Streamlining the Mortgage Application Process in Atlanta

When Mortgage Atlanta founder Brian Berman first developed a tool for expediting the loan approval process, he had no idea how invaluable it would prove more than a dozen years later. Armed with a degree in economics and finance and a minor in real estate law from Bentley University, paired with a passion for helping people achieve their dream of home ownership, his development of TruQual was a game changer for his mortgage company, the clients he serves, and the industry as a whole. It has proven particularly pivotal in today’s competitive housing market.  

Understanding TruQual

Our TruQual feature allows you to have your loan fully approved and underwritten before you make a purchase offer on a home. With a larger number of homebuyers than inventory on the market, this could mean the difference between purchasing the home of your dreams or losing it to another buyer. It lets the seller know that:

Streamlined Application Process

You will work closely with a dedicated Mortgage Atlanta loan officer and loan processor to gather all the documentation and information necessary to become a TruQualed Homebuyer. By doing so, you can confidently submit an offer on the home of your dreams, get a leg up on the competition in bidding wars, prevent potential issues from popping up last minute, and get to the closing table faster. Those benefits also include a streamlined mortgage application process. Since many of the documents and information required to be TruQualed are also required for your official loan application once your offer is accepted, the transition from homebuyer to homeowner will be relatively seamless.

Enhanced Document Verification

As a Mortgage Atlanta TruQualed Homebuyer, we fully underwrite your file upfront. That means a qualified underwriter has thoroughly reviewed your documents, and the information you’ve provided with regard to income, assets, credit, and more has been verified. With a traditional prequalification, a lender will simply review your information – typically provided verbally – without verification. Once a Seller accepts your offer as a TruQualed Homebuyer, we guarantee that – in the event Mortgage Atlanta cannot close your loan for any reason – we will compensate the Seller up to $5,000!* That guarantee lends even MORE credence to the validity of your offer!

Improved Communication and Transparency

Through the TruQual Mortgage Atlanta process, you will not only have a heightened level of communication with your dedicated loan officer, but you will also experience accelerated mortgage approval times. For our clients who’ve become TruQualed Homebuyers, we typically see faster closings with fewer contingencies - in as little as 15 days or less! Beyond walking you through the TruQual process, we’ll also explore the best mortgage loan options for you and guide you through the loan application all the way to the closing table. In return, we ask that you maintain your income, assets, and credit scores** to the best of your ability until after closing on your new home. In other words, refrain from changing jobs or making major purchases – like a new car.  

Getting started is easy! Call Mortgage Atlanta at 678.564.1522 to let us know you want to go through our TruQual process. We’ll let you know what documents and information are required, so you can work with our loan processor, get fully approved, and make an offer – bringing you one step closer to your new home! To learn more about Mortgage Atlanta and our loan options, please visit www.Mortgage-Atlanta.com.  

* If the buyer's loan is turned down for income, assets, or credit and a seller received a TruQual letter from us, Mortgage Atlanta will give them up to $5000.*

** If a buyer’s income, assets, or credit change after the loan has been underwritten due to unforeseen circumstances by Mortgage Atlanta, TruQual may become invalid. Earnest money refund capped at $3,000. TruQual letters are valid for up to 90 days.

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