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Four Tricks for Finding the Best Mortgage Lender in Marietta GA

Whether you currently live in Marietta, Georgia, and are searching for a new home in the area or hope to call this historic city “home” soon, finding a mortgage company that does business there is wise. When searching for the best mortgage lender in Marietta – particularly one that offers the best home loans, there are four simple tricks you’ll want to employ…

Ask Friends, Family Members, and Your Favorite Real Estate Professional for Referrals

It’s true what they say… sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. If you’ve never purchased a home before, or this marks the first time you’ll buy a home in Georgia, look to the people within your family tree or in your social circles. If they’ve worked with a Marietta-based mortgage company on a home refinance or mortgage loan and had a great experience, ask them to make an introduction. If you’re already working with a real estate agent to find your new home, ask if they have a relationship with a local mortgage company they can recommend and introduce you to.  

Research Types of Mortgage Companies

When exploring mortgage companies in Marietta, be sure to pinpoint the TYPE of mortgage company with which you’d feel most comfortable working. Do you want to go with a national mortgage company that has name recognition but potentially risk an impersonal experience where you’re only a number, not to mention extended timelines before you’re sitting at the closing table due to high volumes? Or would you be happier with a smaller, locally-based mortgage company that is more nimble and will have your best interests at heart? If you answered locally based, make sure that they are mighty even though they may be small. For example, Marietta-based Mortgage Atlanta offers an extensive portfolio of loan options that extend from Conventional loans to Jumbo loans – and everything in between. Unfortunately, Mortgage Atlanta is the exception and not the rule. Some small mortgage companies have limited loan options and capacities.

Ask About Their Credit Qualifications

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential mortgage companies in Marietta with which to partner on the purchase of your new home, be sure to compile a list of questions to ask. One of those questions should involve their credit qualifications to get approved for a mortgage loan. Do they do a hard or soft pull on your credit? A hard pull could impact your credit score. If you already know your credit score might prove problematic, learn if they have loan options in their arsenal that don’t require a stellar score for approval. For instance, if you don’t qualify for a conventional loan due to “B” or “C” credit, you may have better luck with an FHA mortgage loan. Whether or not a mortgage lender offers FHA loans is an easy way to start narrowing down your list.

Go With Someone Who Knows the Area

Lastly, you’ll want to land on a mortgage lender that is intimately familiar with the area where you are buying – whether that’s Marietta or somewhere else in the Metro Atlanta area. They will have a deeper understanding of local market conditions, neighborhoods, and economies. Because of that, they will be more likely than a national lender to take a risk on an atypical property because they know that area is on the upswing. Also, if you don’t already have a real estate agent lined up, they likely have an extensive network of local agents who share their familiarity with the area. As an added bonus, they can point you in the direction of the best shops, restaurants, and nightlife in the area!

As you complete your quest for the best mortgage lender in Marietta, we hope that search leads you to Mortgage Atlanta. We welcome the opportunity to join you on the journey home and invite you to drop by our offices to meet our team and learn more. We’re located at 601 Woodlawn Dr., Ste 340, in Marietta. To schedule an appointment with one of our loan specialists, call 678.564.1522, email bberman@mortgage-atlanta.com, or fill out our online contact form. If you’d like to explore our most popular loan options and peruse our blog for additional tips, visit www.mortgage-atlanta.com. We take pride in finding the right Mortgages for You, With You!

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